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About Our School

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Two children drawing and working together

Our Teacher Leaders

Nuestro equipo

Nuestra Junta

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Miembro de la Junta

Katie is the current head of school and co-founding teacher-leader of Hawthorn Montessori.

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Miembro de la Junta

Bianca is a Xicana LCSWA, parent of a child at Hawthorn since 2022, founder of Semillas Counseling and a Hawthorn board member since 2022.


Miembro de la Junta

Chad's daughter attended Hawthorn for three academic years beginning in 2020.  Upon her graduation, Chad wanted to continue supporting the Hawthorn school community and is doing so through his role on the Board.

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Miembro de la Junta

Stephanie (she/her/hers) is a current Hawthorn Montessori parent. She has nearly 19 years of non-profit leadership experience at the local, regional, and national level. Stephanie is Board Source Certified Board Consultant and is the Director of Finance and Operations for the Dogwood Alliance. As a parent, she loves the independence, self-awareness, and confidence that Montessori education fosters in children.


Miembro de la Junta

Jeana Olszewski is founding Teacher-Leader of Azalea Montessori School in Norwood, Ohio, which opened as a primary school in 2019. She has led the growth of Azalea to include a lower and upper elementary. She serves as a part-time Operations Guide for the Wildflower Foundation and supports the growth of new Wildflower Schools across the country. She also serves on the board of Good Shepherd Montessori in Cincinnati as well as Hollyhock Montessori opening in Arkansas. 

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